Latin Botanical: Eupatorium perfoliatum

Common Name(s): Boneset

Family: Asteraceae

Part(s) Used: Dried Arial Parts

Qualities: Cold, Dry (Holmes)


  • Bitter glycoside (eupatorium)
  • Volatile oil
  • Gallic acid
  • Tannin


  • Diaphoretic
  • Aperient
  • Tonic
  • Anti-spasmodic
  • Relaxes mucous membrane


  • Best remedy for relief of symptoms that accompany influenza (Hoffmann)
  • Relieves aches & pains
  • Deals with fever
  • Clears URT of mucous congestion
  • Constipation
  • Safely used in fever and as a general cleansing agent

Contraindications/Cautions: None Known


Infusion: 1-2 tsp in boiling water – drink as hot as possible every half hour

2-4ml tincture tds


Influenza – yarrow, elder flowers, cayenne or ginger

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